Android has the largest market share of all mobile operation systems and often considered as the first platform to make business mobile. Enterra Inc. has developed over 20 applications for Android devices. To reach most users’ devices and develop universal apps we use Java and Android Studio.

Windows Phone is a growing and perspective operation system. The best piece of it is a fact that you may develop one app that will work on smartphones, tablets, and PC as well. Enterra uses .NET platform and started to work on the development since Windows Phone 7 launch.

iOS is a mobile operation system developed for Apple devices. Enterra has been creating applications for iOS since iPhone 2G release and has over 20 apps in portfolio. To enhance user experience and apps’ performance we develop in ObjectiveC.

HTML5 technologies and elements are used for many cross-platform apps to lower total cost of development.

Xamarin is an excellent framework for cross-platform development, using C#. It helps create cross-platform applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a lower budget.

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